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Your Welfare - Soul, Spirit and Body is our outmost concern. God Bless You
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We are glad to have you on our page today. Your welfare Soul, Spirit and Body is our utmost concern "For he choose us in HIm before the foundation of the world to be holy and blameless in HIS sight".

Take special tour on our site as it offers you flavour of some of the things that are on offer through the week, upcoming events and special activities as well as life changing messages ( videos and written reflections ) meant for the edification of your spiritual life.

We will also be happy to share your burden in Prayers.

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Posted on Sunday, January 13 2018 | From REV.CAN CHINEDU ANYACHUKWU
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This week, your financial helpers shall show up

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I Invite you to join me in this "21 days FAST FOR EXPLOITS" Am trusting God to wire us for great exploits this year !! we re trusting God for the release of >>100 miracle babies , 100 wedding /marriages rings , 100 miracle admission !! And so much mo ... more

Rt. Rev. Dr E.O Chukwuma

Rt. Rev. Dr E.O Chukwuma

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Rev. Chinedu Anyachukwu (harbinger of blessing)and Mrs Peace Anyachukwu
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